In my practice, I apply a combination of learned and well practiced skills to provide a supportive, flowing bodywork session for my clients. I have received training in Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, structural integration, as well as craniosacral therapy. Utilizing this knowledge, I provide an individualized session based on my clients’ needs and desires. 

It is my wish to cultivate an intentional session that allows for an unfolding of comfort and ease in my clients’ bodies. 


60 minutes – $100
75 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $135



I have has spent many years working on creating a deeply connected relationship to my own body and well being. It is an ongoing journey that I have by no means mastered, but continue to explore with self love and attempts at self discipline. 

I hope to create advocacy and community, for and with my clients, as a way to foster an embodied existence. 

Being allowed to support and meet a person in their entirety with the skills I’ve sought out and love to share is truly humbling and the greatest honor I could hope for. 

Thank you for considering spending your time with me.